Besieged By Cyclists

besieged by cyclists

Dominic has recently been turning up for work a little the worse for wear, bearing the scars of his daily encounters with rogue cyclists. It seems a cavern has been found beneath Notting Hill Gate where this prophetic cave painting was discovered. Thames Water have closed the road whilst they carry out investigations but frustrated cyclists continue their journeys on the pavement. Continue reading “Besieged By Cyclists”

Frames of reference

Dom’s Big Leap

This is Dominic. He’s a picture framer. You’d never guess! But on November 4th he will break free from the constraints of conformity and for a few brief moments become a crazy vertigo defying stuntman. All in the name of charity. He will abseil down Battersea Power Station, but he needs your help. Please support his attempt to resist the power of gravity by visiting his JustGiving page.

Frames of reference