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A Wall In Battersea

Whilst I was admiring the walls of Toledo, Dominic was getting up close and personal with the walls of Battersea Power Station, and encouraging lots of donations for the Stroke Association.

Corr Blimey!

I love this picture. It reminds me of a ‘fayr feeld ful of folk’ from Piers Plowman. Christopher Corr made it for a client from London now living in Washington. The brief was to paint the view from Parliament Hill … Read more

Battersea Power Station

Christopher Corr painted this picture for Dominic. Unfortunately whenever he looks at it Dominic feels sick. Hopefully he’ll get over it, or at least down the side of it. He is planning to throw himself off the top of it … Read more

Dom’s Big Leap

This is Dominic. He’s a picture framer. You’d never guess! But on November 4th he will break free from the constraints of conformity and for a few brief moments become a crazy vertigo defying stuntman. All in the name of … Read more