Ceramic Drawings & Assemblages

The stage is set for March with an exciting new display of ceramic mosaics, tiles, plaques, mirrors and brooches by Joanna Veevers. The sign on the door might still say Closed, but if you see something you fancy just ring the bell. Continue reading “Ceramic Drawings & Assemblages”

Frames of reference

100 Cups


Long ago I made cups, real ones out of porcelain to be exact. And now I don’t do that anymore. Instead, I often paint pictures of cups. It began innocently enough, as a path for transposing the ceramic cups that had always inspired my pottery into paintings. This simple idea launched an obsession and soon my desire to paint cups got a little bit out of hand. Because I had so many different ideas, I began numbering them in an effort to hold it all together. Continue reading “100 Cups”

Frames of reference