More Love Than Money

Ronnie Duncan has been collecting art for more than 60 years, often supporting artists at early stages in their careers. Much of his collection – including works by Terry Frost, Alan Davie, Roger Hilton and Ian Hamilton Finlay – is displayed around Duncan’s home and garden near Otley. It was here that director Jared Schiller and cameraman Stephen Pook filmed “an evocation of the collector’s home”.

This is an update to an earlier trailer for this film – More Love Than Money.

Frames of reference
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4 Responses to More Love Than Money

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  2. Julia Hallewell says:

    After watching both these films I ordered the book from Peter Foolen and it turned up today looking gorgeous-it’s really lovely. Looking forward to reading it -thanks for drawing my attention to it on your blog,

  3. Julia Hallewell says:

    I found the video somewhere -I think (or maybe I’m losing my marbles!).

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