fox 5

David Hollington has started bringing us miniature portraits. Whenever I see him he pulls another set from his pocket. They are like fragments from a larger work, a cast of characters that can interact in any number of different stories.

hare 1

saint 7

owl 1

saint 1

So far I think there are 12 foxes, 5 owls, 2 hares and 24 saints. It’s an ongoing series and the company will keep on growing and growing. All of them are unique and they’re all extremely collectable.

hare 2

fox 1


saint 6

David sent a few words:

I started creating this small scale ongoing series of paintings as an antidote to my larger more challenging works. The fox, hare and owl comprise a trinity of animals I employ to express a gamut of emotional states often interacting with a mortal or a god. In this series I have created for The Rowley Gallery I use the small intimate nature of a portrait to experiment and expand upon my fascination with creating and building upon the links and connections between the human and animal worlds. As a balancing device I also make a Saint image which can constantly shift and morph into any or every faith or denomination, or be open enough to suggest various divine entities.

saint 2


fox 4

saint 5

saint 3


fox 3

saint 4


hare 3

fox 2

See more work by David Hollington at The Rowley Gallery.

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