It’s time to say goodbye to Paradise, to Will Smith’s sunny holiday paintings and to Chris Kenny’s construction with found landscape paintings. But before I change the window display I just can’t resist rearranging it for one last private view.

P   A   R   A   D   I   S   E      will      D   I   S   A   P   E   A   R

Almost immediately a passer-by called in to tell us there should be another P in disappear.
It’s disappeared, we said, because there’s only one P in paradise, and nothing lasts forever.

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “Anagram”

  1. Very elegaic, Chris. I tried to find some clever transition anagrams but only managed ‘ape raids’ ‘arid peas’ ‘as diaper’ & others – almost as bad as the Fawlty Towers sign. Thanks for the extended display.

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