A Bundle Of Walnut

A nice bundle of clean, new leaves of walnut burr veneer fresh from the tree.

Like a fanned-out sheaf of banknotes (except that each one is slightly different to the next).

Choose one and cut it into slices. Damp it slightly to make it more flexible.

Then apply it to the picture-frame moulding with a strong adhesive.

Paint it with a dark water-based wood stain and rub it smooth with sandpaper.

French polish with thin coats of shellac to produce a high gloss and rich deep finish.

Join four sides to make a frame and choose a fitting work of art to display within.

Beware of imitation.

Accept no substitute.

A bundle of walnut.

And just at that moment Fanny Shorter brought us new screenprints with this logo attached to them. It’s another walnut. But Fanny insists it’s a brain. It was commissioned by the Wellcome Collection for an exhibition earlier this year called Brains: The Mind As Matter. Walnut: a brainwave in a nutshell.

Frames of reference

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