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Swimming Studies

Water is elemental, it’s what we’re made of, what we can’t live within or without. So begins this wonderful book by Leanne Shapton. I’d seen her paintings at Lutyens & Rubentein but hadn’t realised she was also a writer. This … Read more

Castle Hedingham

We left the car by the duck pond at Wickham St Paul. After breakfast at Spencer’s Farm Shop of coffee and the best bacon sandwiches north of Columbia Road Market we walked down Rectory Lane past hedgerows heavy with hips … Read more


Through this drenched and complex summer I have gazed in frustration at a garden weighed down with its own entanglements. As I hopped, skipped and jumped through incessant showers to the studio I was the beneficiary of some damp osmosis … Read more

Kenwood In The Rain

Kenwood House is presently under wraps. It’s not a Christo sculpture. It is undergoing a thorough refurbishment, £6 million of lottery funding and some from English Heritage. The collection of paintings is now on a tour of the USA.

Open Studio

See more work by Jazmin Velasco at The Rowley Gallery.

Barnacles & Dames

This arrived just too late. But the exhibition continues until 26th October so there’s time to see it. Mary Kuper celebrates 100 years of books in the Saison Poetry Library collection with an exhibition of images, poems and etymologies suggesting … Read more

Dom’s Big Leap

This is Dominic. He’s a picture framer. You’d never guess! But on November 4th he will break free from the constraints of conformity and for a few brief moments become a crazy vertigo defying stuntman. All in the name of … Read more

Jelly Green At Kensington Place

Jelly Green‘s cows are now installed at Kensington Place. The famous mural has been put into storage to make way for a new exhibition space to be known as The Art Wall. As Dominic observed, it’s less of a mural, … Read more

Penwith Peninsula

Whilst writing the previous post about Cornwall I remembered this set of Richard Long photos, the first thing I ever framed for myself. See the beautifully joined corners, marvel at those hand-cut windows, but note that I neglected to put … Read more

Running & Painting

Running and painting surprisingly have much in common, the main similarity being that they are both totally engrossing activities. Both are an integral part of my life where withdrawal symptoms occur if stopped for any length of time. They both … Read more

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