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The Light Of The South

Whilst I was writing my last post, Waiting For Inspiration, I started to realise how much I was longing to paint again, after a long eight month break. So as soon as it was finished I went to the local … Read more

More Sporting Feats

Greg Becker has compiled all of his Sporting Feats drawings into a book. He describes them as observations on the history of Edwardian sporting endeavours, inspired by the Much Wenlock Olympian Games of 1850. Greg’s book requires Adobe Flash Player. … Read more

Olympicold BC


This is the view from John Lewis’s Olympic gift shop at Westfield Stratford. Here you can buy all kinds of sponsored trinkets and souvenirs for London 2012, but thankfully this view is so far logo free. Here are the Olympic … Read more

Meghalaya’s Living Bridges

Meghalaya's Living Bridges – Incredible India by dm_50ac6337ca078 In North-East India, in The Land Of Clouds, people have found an ingenious natural solution to the challenge of crossing a torrential flood river. Conventional bridges would be swept away, so they … Read more

Vale Of Yew

We arrived at the village of Stoughton in a remote valley of the South Downs via a single track road from the north. It felt like we were coming to the back of beyond. We left the car by the … Read more

Circles In Toledo

Manhole Cover

For Cesaria Evora

She was not always in the best of health, all those cigarettes, all that rum. But it’s still a shock that she’s gone. Her voice made you feel close to her. Here’s a reminder of how beautiful she could be.

Amy In Dingle

A not to be missed film telling the story of an Amy Winehouse performance before an audience of 85 in a little church in Ireland in 2006, to be broadcast next Monday, July 23rd at 10pm on BBC4 – Arena.

Constantine’s Dream

The Basilica of San Francesco in Arrezo, Tuscany, a late medieval church dedicated to St Francis of Assisi. In the chancel, the Cappella Maggiore, is one of the masterpieces of the Italian Early Renaissance. The walls are covered with a … Read more