Trees On Leaves

Gingko tree-leaf

I’m fascinated by the structural qualities of leaves. The veins convey the lifeblood to the leaf and often echo the physical structure of the tree – trunk, branches, twigs – in miniature. These fractal-like qualities inspired me to paint trees on dried leaves, which were collected last autumn. Some were pressed, while others were left to dry in their natural shape. Continue reading “Trees On Leaves”

Frames of reference

Holland Park Etc

I was just sent this lovely photograph of the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. The trees seem to be keeping their leaves longer because of all the extra rain this year. It comes from a post at the LondonistTop 10 Things To Do In The Royal Borough Of Kensington & Chelsea – a list of recommendations compiled by visitors to their website. It’s a nice reminder of some of the wealth of attractions we have on our doorstep.

Frames of reference