The Arborealists

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The Arborealists will stage their third exhibition at St Barbe Museum and Art gallery, Lymington, 23rd April – 4th June 2016, featuring new works by 35 artists. Each will show just one work to emphasise the diversity of art practice prevalent within the group – in terms of size, medium, style and philosophy.

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The exhibition will be accompanied by a new publication on the group. This will include an introduction on art historical links, the origins and development of the group by Tim Craven, an essay entitled “Why do Artists Paint Trees” by Dr Angela Summerfield, an essay entitled “Cultivation of Trees and western Culture” by Philippa Beale and a survey on the work of the exhibiting artists by art historian Peter Davies. The catalogue will be fully illustrated together with a statement by each artist.

The Arborealists / The Arborealists

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2 thoughts on “The Arborealists”

  1. Sadly, we missed the exhibition of the Arborealists. Do you still have any Phipps work with you?

    1. I think the Arborealists presently have an exhibition in France. But we also have work at the Rowley Gallery by Howard Phipps as well as other “Arborowleyists”!

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