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Circles In Toledo

Manhole Cover

Waiting For Inspiration

When I read what Robert Newton said in his post My Work about how he can get ecstatic with excitement when his particular method of painting works, it made me think about that feeling when a painting is all of … Read more

Wind Comb

Another type of Comb. Not the hollow in the hills of Combe, sheltered from the wind, but here is a place to witness the wind. Eduardo Chillida’s Wind Comb. Three steel sculptures anchored to the rocks at the western end … Read more

Making Paper In Andalucia

At this time of year, when the almond blossom is in full bloom and it’s often windy my terrace gets covered with blossom and I like to incorporate it into my papermaking process.

My Life As A Tree

Last summer on holiday in Catalonia, we visited Girona where we chanced upon this striking installation by Àlex Nogué. It occupied one room of a small municipal exhibition space, Bolit-La Rambla. It consisted of 28 sheets of paper with ink … Read more

A Studio With A View

A few weeks ago a friend came to see me here in Southern Spain. She told me on her last evening that one of the highlights of her stay had been making her way up the dangerously windy, steep and … Read more