Roger Ackling: Between The Lines

Roger Ackling made artworks like small miracles. He turned driftwood into diamonds. He died last year, his obituary is here. I never met him but I knew people who were taught by him and exhibited with him. I saw many of his exhibitions and loved his work. I think I even once walked by his house on the crumbling north Norfolk coast at Weybourne. There are presently exhibitions of his work at Annely Juda and Kestle Barton, and Occasional Papers are hoping to publish a crowdfunded book about him, Roger Ackling: Between the Lines. I’m looking forward to reading it.

PS: 12th December 2015 and Christmas has come early. I’ve just received this beautiful book. I can hardly wait to read it. There are contributions from many people who knew Roger Ackling, there’s even a drawing of a fox by Richard Long, and there are lots of illustrations of Ackling’s remarkable sunlight drawings.  Perfect for these dark days of winter.












Between The Lines: Roger Ackling

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