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This comma butterfly suddenly appeared in my workshop just as the sun returned and the temperature rose. I didn’t see it come in, maybe it hatched indoors, and I didn’t see it leave either.


Perhaps that explains why this cocky robin keeps turning up. It’s been hopping around the joiner’s shop on three consecutive days so far, looking for titbits and crumbs, maybe butterflies too.



On one occasion I went down to answer the phone then came back to find my workbench ransacked, papers scattered on the floor and a surprisingly large dropping left behind, surely too much for a robin.


Over by the window sat this great big wood pigeon, flapping wildly at the glass when I approached. I opened the window and went back downstairs, leaving the pigeon to find its own way out. When I returned it was still there, raising a dust storm with its flapping, but it allowed me to lift it with two hands over its wings and release it through the window. Its not been back, but the robin has become a regular visitor. I’m thinking I should buy some mealworms.

PS: I’ve now realised there are two robins though I can’t really tell them apart, it’s only when they turn up together I know they’re a pair, but I’ve not managed to photograph them both together yet.






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