Mike McInnerney At Kensington Place


We recently installed a green wall at Kensington Place. Mike McInnerney is the seventh artist to occupy their Art Wall and he’s filled it with a fantastic forest of trees.



There are 22 framed gouache paintings, each one made on site in a single sitting in the woods, each one a prayer to the light through the leaves. Kensington Place has been transformed into a woodland glade.




Action painting, standing trees, wild growth meets improvised mark.
A journey growing into being, one passing, the other rooted to place.
Tree formed by climate and conditions and I influenced by weather and light.
Painting proclaims the poetry of the eye, Nature the rhythm of being.
A short conversation, no conclusion reached, but a kind of tenderness.



Painted in local west London woods and nature reserves, with a couple of exceptions painted whilst Mike was artist in residence at Kestle Barton in Cornwall, a stone’s throw from Frenchman’s Creek.

Frenchman's Pill Helford Cornwall

See more by Mike McInnerney at The Rowley Gallery.

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “Mike McInnerney At Kensington Place”

  1. Enjoying this wonderful group of paintings each time I walk past or wait for a 52 bus. Kensington Place and its diners are lucky to have such a splendid series of exhibitions.

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