From Air To Earth

Some photos from our good friend Annabel Keatley in Andalusia. She was invited as a guest artist at ArtSevilla17 where last week she exhibited this installation made up of ribbons of handmade paper.

I made this piece after walking through a large field of very young eucalyptus trees, all very thin, tall and fragile looking. At the time it reminded me so much of the first experience I had as a child painting on a large scale outside, sitting all alone in a field of silver birch trees.

The paper is made from many different plant fibres, small runs of my handmade papers from such fibres I have cooked up such as fig leaves, esparto grass, banana leaves and cactus, as well as recycled papers. It includes leaves and seeds and techniques of printing and stitching.

See more work by Annabel Keatley at The Rowley Gallery.

Frames of reference

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