A Life In Colour

Andrew Walton reminded me of Margaret Mellis when he wrote Schwittering. It prompted me to go looking for more. I found this film about her at Culture Unplugged. I also found a letter she sent me in 1996 (in a junk-mail envelope – she liked to recycle) inviting me to the Bede Gallery in Jarrow for an exhibition of her own constructions and of collages by her late husband, Francis Davison. His work gets a brief mention in the film at 49:25. For another mention please also see Postcard From Southwold. Margaret Mellis died aged 95 in 2009, one year after this film was completed.

Frames of reference

7 thoughts on “A Life In Colour”

  1. I’d not heard of Margaret Mellis before watching this film. I think this blog should receive an arts council grant for providing such a lot of inspirational arts info. Thank you again.

  2. Thanks for linking to our film. It was an honour to be trusted to tell Margaret’s story entirely in her own words

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