The Drop


Eggardon Hill in west Dorset, 5 miles east of Bridport, overlooking the Marshwood Vale to the west. The Fort is Iron Age and is at the end of a long, little used, Roman road from Dorchester. On a clear day you can see from the Devon coast to the Purbecks in the east.


Confronted by a close-cropped wall of earth, impassable until a last minute swerve to the left,


the lane continues along a perilous route – to the right, the looming mass of ramparts



and to the left, a sheer drop down to the woods and small enclosures of Powerstock Common.


Each time I take this route, I’m reminded, “Keep your eyes on the road!” but it’s very tempting to look, and to keep looking… but there’s nothing to stop your fall, so best not.


And eventually, the fence reappears. This picture is from the end of the lane, looking back at Eggardon Hill Fort with Lewesdon Hill and Pilsdon Pen in the distance.

Egg Drop 12

Liz Somerville / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “The Drop”

  1. I have admired the sense of giddy heights in your prints before Liz but this one takes the biscuit. Good to read your description and see photos of Eggardon Hill and the print is stunning.

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