Château La Coste


Château la Coste is a vineyard 15km north of Aix-en-Provence which, since 2004, has become home to a remarkable collection of art and architecture. Signs have been kept to a minimum and the entrance was not immediately obvious, but we eventually found our way to the elegant, new art centre designed by Tadao Ando and emerged alongside Crouching Spider by Louise Bourgeois. Continue reading “Château La Coste”

Frames of reference

Tree Portraits

Leg of Mutton Nature Reserve 2

For the past four years I have been painting portraits of trees in West London woods and nature reserves. The legacy of gardens, parks and woodlands found in London creates an urban environment with an unrivaled relationship to nature that cannot be equaled. Continue reading “Tree Portraits”

Frames of reference

Tree Of Heaven (Slight Return)

hilgrove road (2) nw6

Early one morning driving to work, lamenting the loss of our tree-of-heaven (it was the morning the tree feller was coming back to poison the shoots that were springing up all over our yard), I began to notice previously overlooked trees-of-heaven by the roadside. I’d not realised there were so many. Now I was seeing them everywhere. It seemed like an epidemic. Continue reading “Tree Of Heaven (Slight Return)”

Frames of reference

Tory Lawrence


We are very pleased to welcome Tory Lawrence to The Rowley Gallery. Five of her oil paintings are presently displayed in our window. They are captivating pictures of the countryside, direct responses to being there, walking, soaking it up. The surface of the paintings is lively and worked but never overwrought. You can smell the oil paint mixed with the smell of the fields. They feel authentic; it’s clear she has looked and absorbed and distilled a true vision. Continue reading “Tory Lawrence”

Frames of reference

Spectrum Fish


This is a new print by Fanny Shorter, Spectrum Fish. It’s an epic 16 colour hand-pulled screenprint in a limited edition of 100. Fanny describes it as a colour wheel of tropical fish, each placed in the spectrum according to the actual colour of the species and then printed to scale. Each fish is numbered on the print and then named at the bottom. See more at The Rowley Gallery.

Frames of reference