I recently stumbled upon this video, if that’s what you call a static image with a soundtrack attached, and now I find it’s stuck on repeat, I can’t shake it. There’s no title for this piece and no telling where it’s from, except that it’s played by Gary Windo, one of my all time favourite saxophone heroes. I had heard him play with Carla Bley and Robert Wyatt and Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath, and circa 1974 he gave an earbending performance in a tiny lecture theatre at Maidstone College of Art. I was mesmerised and immediately afterwards went straight out and bought a saxophone of my own.

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “Untitled”

  1. Very nice! Chris, did you learn to play your saxophone? If so, I’m impressed. Had you played any other reed instruments before you bought your saxophone? If not, I’m impressed.

    1. Happy New Year Hank. It’s nice to think I almost impressed you. But it was a beat-up second-hand alto sax with loose keys and worn pads and after a few argumentative squawks and honks we soon lost patience with each other.

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