Azure Window


In Gozo last Summer I took the opportunity to walk across the top of the Azure Window to capture the view down over the rock pools and beyond to Fungus Rock in the distance.

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When I first went to Gozo nearly 30 years ago the window was a tall rectangle. Now it is increasingly trapezoid and soon it will no longer be a window but an isolated pinnacle.



It’s a giddying and exhilarating place. Even snorkelling beneath the arch induces vertigo as the tower disappears into the depths.



Nevertheless there are videos of daredevils jumping off the top on

7 2

From the North side the arch looks softer and more rounded, but no less impressive.

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The Azure Window is made of a Maltese limestone known as Globigerina which can appear beige or golden depending on its age and the light. The submerged rock gives the water a lovely iridescent azure blue.


The arch has featured as a backdrop in Clash of the Titans (1981), The Odyssey (1997), The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) and HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones.


A smaller less accessible rock arch on the North coast at Wied El Mielah looks to be in a similarly precarious state. With a view through it to the west it’s a popular place to watch the sun set.

Will Smith / The Rowley Gallery


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3 Responses to Azure Window

  1. Malta says:

    Now it’s gone.

  2. Anita Voskamp says:

    So very sad. Cannot believe it. But Gozo will always be Gozo with its wonderful people and we will always love it.

  3. Will Smith says:

    This just seems like another bad dream to me. Amazing to think it’s been there for 500 years and suddenly completely disappears from above the surface – though it shouldn’t be surprising considering how eroded the base of the pillar had become and how deep the water is there.

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