A Handful Of Twigs

St James the Less

I photographed these Twig Saints quickly, against the trellis on the south-facing wall outside my workshop, as a farewell gesture, just as we were returning them to Chris Kenny for a forthcoming exhibition at the After Nyne Gallery in September. They are all framed by the artist, often in adapted and reformed cigar boxes, cobbled together with the wooden backs of old picture frames sourced from The Rowley Gallery. The little Twig Saints are delicately fixed inside and their weird and wonderful stories are told in captions displayed on the reverse of their box-frames.

St Erasmus

St Servatus

St Samson

St Baudarinus

St Gertrude van der Oosten

St Bartholomew

Blessed Angela of Foligno

St Catherine de Ricci

St Apollinaris

St Wenceslaus

St Barnabas

Blessed Oliver Plunket

St Justin

St Blaise

St Valentine

St Boniface

Twig Saints

Frames of reference

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