Messing About On The River (1)

This is Kai on the Thames below Tower Bridge, sailing up river, back to where she started at Pimlico Pier and Westminster Boating Base.

Sunday mornings, blue sky, gentle breeze, tacking and gybing backwards and forwards, avoiding tourist boats, fighting the tide, trying not to be dunked by the better sailors. Usually the kids playing pirates are fearless and just love any opportunity to capsize. Occasionally being allowed down river as we were last month, memorably to sail under Tower Bridge and the Olympic Rings.

Frames of reference

Pop-Up London

This is one of our favourite books of cut out paper constructions. Folded away within its pages are many of London’s landmark buildings just waiting to pop-up wherever you choose to erect them. Here is Tower Bridge transported to the top of Primrose Hill. Other pages feature the Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral, all illustrated by Jenny Maizels and engineered by Richard Ferguson. But due to an unfortunate oversight they neglected a pop-up Rowley Gallery! Demand answers from Walker Books.

Frames of reference