Hatfield & The North


This post is for Hank & Paula, friends from the USA who have visited London so many times I think they know it better than we do. They really should be showing us the sights but instead we go out of town for a change. Last time we went to the Henry Moore Foundation at Much Hadham so it seemed appropriate that this time we should meet by his Large Spindle Piece outside King’s Cross station. Continue reading “Hatfield & The North”

Frames of reference

From Moore To Serra


Henry Moore’s Large Spindle Piece, a cast bronze sculpture from 1974, now installed in the newly reappointed King’s Cross Square. For the past forty years the station was hidden behind an “awful tin shed” temporary canopy. It’s eventual removal, and the long overdue revelation of Lewis Cubitt’s elegant facade, is celebrated by the arrival of this captive “flying shuttle”. Continue reading “From Moore To Serra”

Frames of reference

King’s Cross Xmas Tree

The King’s Cross Laser Christmas Tree is the first of its kind, designed to bring two joyous celebrations together – Rave and Christmas. The tree itself is created by high powered lasers shooting across Regent’s Canal from the King’s Cross Filling Station onto the Midlands Good Shed opposite, drawing a simple Christmas tree. On the hour the tree goes into Rave Mode, best viewed from KXFS where it is accompanied by a random rave track, in this instance Anthem by N-Joi. Read more here.

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A Walk From King’s Cross (With Labels)

King’s Cross station has a new concourse, enclosed by a beautiful, sculptural roof which grows from a steel trunk and spreads into a tree-like canopy of intersecting branches. They meet the ground along the semi-circular perimeter, which is a continuation of the arc of the Great Northern Hotel, which was in turn shaped by the curve around a bend of the River Fleet. Continue reading “A Walk From King’s Cross (With Labels)”

Frames of reference