English Channel Paintings


English Channel Sunrise

My sister rented a house in St Margaret’s Bay, Kent at the end of last week* and invited me too. I’d never been before and it was a wonderful surprise. It’s between Deal and Dover and great for walking along the cliffs, and there’s a nice pebbly beach too in the bay. Continue reading “English Channel Paintings”

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Livres De Poche


Barjac brocante, hot day

Dear Chris, I’ve just got back from Le Gard & Ardèche. Here are some sketches from my trip. I bought some old Livres de Poche paperbacks and painted on the pages. I like the quality of the paper. Hoping all is well, good wishes, Chris. Continue reading “Livres De Poche”

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Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée

MuCEM was opened in 2013 as part of the Marseille Capital of European Culture celebrations. The museum is dedicated completely and totally to the Mediterranean, to its history, civilisations and its culture. It’s all about the life that has developed out of the Mediterranean from its earliest histories to the tensions and conflicts of our own time. Continue reading “MuCEM”

Frames of reference

For Oscar Niemeyer

In February 1990, I took a plane from the beautiful and vibrant crazy beach city of Rio de Janeiro via Sao Paulo to the futuristic capital city Brasilia. Located in the savannah, centrally placed in the country, the shape of the new city is designed to look like an aeroplane. It was laid out by Lucio Costa, the father of modern Brazilian architecture who in turn chose Oscar Niemeyer to realise the poetry and optimism of the new Brazil. Continue reading “For Oscar Niemeyer”

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Fisher Center

Dear Chris….I saw some great places yesterday along the Hudson River: Rhinebeck, Tivoli, Germantown, Hudson the ex-whaling town. I took a look at Bard College and the Frank Gehry Performing Arts Space. Very impressive and shiny on a sunny day. Today off to Lenox, Massachusetts for a big book sale. Wishing you a great day, Chris. Continue reading “Fisher Center”

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Highgate Olympics

Dear Chris,…. France was so hot, too hot to think sometimes. I’m glad you had a good time in Cornwall. And refreshing sounds very nice…. I was in Kenwood on Sunday (19th August) and it was very beautiful. I saw this Olympic scene in an old shop window in Highgate Village…. maybe something for the blog? It used to be an old second hand bookshop but is now in between uses. Hope all’s well at Rowley, best wishes, Chris. Continue reading “Highgate Olympics”

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At Le Poisson Rouge

Dear Chris, Here are some drawings for the blog of Sam Amidon and Bill Frisell last Wednesday, March 21st, at Le Poisson Rouge on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. They played a selection of old American folk songs and two by Charles Ives, songs about love, death, murder and working with the steel driving crew, and a short life of troubles. Le Poisson Rouge is a small club ‘Serving Art & Alcohol’, good food and sublime music. I hope all’s well at the Rowley Gallery. It’s sunny but chilly here today. Warmest wishes, Chris. Continue reading “At Le Poisson Rouge”

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Painting & Shopping In The South Of France

I like to travel and paint in France. It’s a big country full of surprises and contrasts. There are beautiful places to see in the north, east and west but I feel most alive in the south. It’s the light and the colours and the scent of the herbs in the hills. I even like it in the dark and cold of winter. Continue reading “Painting & Shopping In The South Of France”

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