It was my birthday on 9th January and I managed to drag my husband on a trip abroad. I could choose any destination as long as airports weren’t involved. It was lucky, as when we got to passport control at Kings Cross International (20 mins. drive away from home), it was politely pointed out to him that his passport was 4 months beyond it’s sell-by date, and they still let us through! Continue reading “Architexture”

Frames of reference

Charlie’s Angels

I got this from Richard Williams. I couldn’t resist reframing it here. A short promotional video for an album of beautiful close harmony singing by The Haden Triplets – that could only be achieved from sharing a lifetime of sisterly togetherness and a near psychic vocal interplay that can only come from being born mere seconds apart from each other. Their father is Charlie Haden and the record is produced by Ry Cooder, two of my all time musical heroes, and this trio are pretty good too. Get the full story from Richard’s blog, thebluemoment, where he tells it much better than I ever could.

Frames of reference

Walton’s Treat


Tucked away around the back of Oxford’s Walton Street is the delightful Art Jericho gallery where a visual treat awaits the curious trek-cyclist, art-lover, flâneur, passer-by or Port Meadow pilgrim. An exhibition by Andrew Walton celebrating the Thames riverside from Jericho to Wolvercote. Continue reading “Walton’s Treat”

Frames of reference

London Underground


Photographs by obsessive compulsive tube photographer Bob Mazzer from the 1970s and 1980s; scenes from a subterranean netherworld, neither here nor there, suspended between departure and arrival, an in-between place of shared destiny, temporary community, surrendered dignity. Continue reading “London Underground”

Frames of reference