Deep Blue

Meanwhile Tim Cumming‘s paintings were part of a group exhibition at Sladers Yard in West Bay, Dorset, where on 18 January he performed with Three Cane Whale. The poem is Deep Blue set to three interludes from the band’s second album, Holts and Hovers.

Deep Blue

Tonight the sky is very blue and very clear –
too clear for us. Some nights you see too much
reach too far, feel the fear of a trembling star,
the correspondence course of a lover’s touch.

There’s a new distance in the air and where
streetlighting ends the summer corn’s
been carried in, fat golden chords of heat and sun
so let it come down on the turning blades that flare

between us, the hand that keeps on moving free,
brushing over the ears and beards and seeds and fruits,
over swollen rivers and sleeping roots.
Dig up a tree for its underworld calligraphy.

Small words are like the sky tonight, blue and very clear.
All life is yours, though death is near.

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