Monthly Archives: May 2013

London In 1927

I first saw this at Caught By The River and couldn’t resist. Now thanks to tweets by Stephen Fry and Kevin Spacey it seems to have gone viral. It’s a lovely old postcard from Claude Friese-Greene.

Closely Observed

Aaron Kasmin is showing his rarely seen chalk pencil drawings in an exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery from 5th – 29th June. Closely Observed features small scale still life studies of everyday objects. The private view is on … Read more

Across The Buildings

These are the Fish & Coal Buildings on the Regent’s Canal at King’s Cross. Often when I pass there’s a cormorant sitting on the chimney. Now it looks like they’ve been ticked by Nike. Over the last few weeks these … Read more

Besieged By Cyclists

Dominic has recently been turning up for work a little the worse for wear, bearing the scars of his daily encounters with rogue cyclists. It seems a cavern has been found beneath Notting Hill Gate where this prophetic cave painting … Read more

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog was granted exclusive access to the Chauvet Cave in the Ardèche Gorge in southern France. The caves are not normally open to the public. They were discovered in 1994 and found to contain the earliest known paleolithic cave … Read more

The Vision Thing

What first strikes you about these Ice Age objects, suspended on transparent plastic stands in glass cases amidst crowds of 21st-century humans, is that they are absolutely tiny. The largest works are approximately the span of a man’s hand, the … Read more

Apocalypse Of Love

The forces of destruction and creation are harnessed in the paintings of David Hollington. Winter gives way to Spring in a new exhibition at Lauderdale House in Highgate, Apocalypse Of Love, from 29th May until 9th June. Join us for … Read more

Don’t Spill The Milk!

Don’t Spill The Milk! is a new book by Stephen Davies and Christopher Corr, just published by Andersen Press. It’s their second collaboration and hopefully it will be just as successful as their first, The Goggle-Eyed Goats, which was launched … Read more

Boden ❤ Jelly Green

This is Jelly Green‘s delightful painting of a Marybelle Jersey cow. The original was sold some months ago but now its mirror image is available as a T shirt from Boden. Do you wear it or do you frame it? … Read more

Recent Visitors

This comma butterfly suddenly appeared in my workshop just as the sun returned and the temperature rose. I didn’t see it come in, maybe it hatched indoors, and I didn’t see it leave either.