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Feliz Año Nuevo

El Botero is in Toledo, at the northern end of Calle de San Marcos. Marcos I am reliably informed means frames, so an auspicious location. Maybe St Mark is the patron saint of picture framers? It seems unlikely. But El … Read more

Puri Christmas

Another photograph from the Guardian’s Eyewitness series. These are some of the 500 sculptures of Father Christmas created by students of the sand artist Sudarshan Pattnaik on the beach at Puri in Orissa, India.


Christmas by Christopher Corr, courtesy of The Nightingale Project.

O Tannenbaum

Christmas Is A-Coming

Winter’s Herald

Over the last few weeks David Hollington has regularly been bringing us new paintings. Sometimes he brings just one, other times he arrives with a couple, and each time they’re increasingly more seasonal, almost like an advent calendar counting down … Read more

Time Mayfly

Fanny Shorter was asked to design the packaging for a new 24 hour watch by Mr Jones. She used it as an opportunity to illustrate the life-cycle of the mayfly, which as an adult lives for just one day.

Apocalypse Now (Or Maybe Tomorrow)

So we’re all looking forward (in no particular order) to Christmas, The Mayan ‘Apocalypse’ 21/12/12, The Euro Apocalypse / the imminent Bond Market collapse, the next high flying celebrity to crash and burn, the next Flood, the first nuclear war, … Read more

Autumn Statement

In his recent autumn statement, the chancellor George Osborne, as far as I know, did not make any reference to either falling leaves, early frosts, golden hues or mists and mellow fruitfulness and not that I am an admirer of … Read more

For Oscar Niemeyer

In February 1990, I took a plane from the beautiful and vibrant crazy beach city of Rio de Janeiro via Sao Paulo to the futuristic capital city Brasilia. Located in the savannah, centrally placed in the country, the shape of … Read more

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