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Suddenly last weekend there was unexpected sunshine. I fancied the coast, Sue wanted to go west, we wasted time weighing pros and cons and set out later than we should have. We finally settled on the Chilterns, Sue’s homeland and … Read more


This is Sea Into Sky, an oil painting on paper from the forthcoming exhibition Littoral: John Hubbard In Context at the Luther W Brady Art Gallery, The George Washington University, Washington, DC from May 16 – June 28. It promises … Read more


Here’s a nice cartoon by Robert Crumb from Rock’s Back Pages on the pain of record collecting. Follow the link and the trail leads back to Discaholic Corner and a great interview with the cartoonist musician about his addiction to … Read more

British Shells

If she sells sea shells on the sea shore these are the sea shells she sells I’m sure…

Jonny Hannah At Kensington Place

There’s a new Art Wall at Kensington Place chockablock with fruits de mer and other tasty sea flavoured morsels by Jonny Hannah. He’s entitled it What Did The Deep Sea Say? and if you’re curious to know the answer, if … Read more


Amen, there’s a ring around the moon… there’s a light inside my chest that switched on when we first met and it will not let me rest… Amen. This is my favourite Jolie Holland song from Escondida.

Im Planetarium

 Kap. Wlodek from their 1999 album Aus Glücklichen Tagen on Trikont, sehr schöne Musik.

Beautiful Cosmos

This is for Ivor Cutler, in performance at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane with The Roches, in the next seat at a Dollar Brand concert at Camden Town Hall, in the same train carriage from Hampstead Heath to Gospel Oak, … Read more

X-Ray Discs

Two framed flexi discs from the 1950s Soviet Union where underground samizdat recordings were pressed onto discarded x-ray film for the distribution of jazz music, which was prohibited after WW2.

Mingus Says…

Here’s a little taster. More soon from Jonny Hannah.

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