Jonathan Christie: Paintings & Drawings

This is a rare opportunity to see several pictures by Jonathan Christie gathered together in one place; it’s his first solo exhibition anywhere and we’re honoured to host it in our window throughout June. Paintings and drawings inspired by favourite places and favourite artists, from Venice to St Ives via Ben Nicholson and Eric Ravilious and all stations to Alfred Wallis.

Sailing Boat Box

Harbour Study: St Ives, Smeaton’s Pier

Harbour Study: Port Isaac

Places seen and drawn, pictures captured and framed, a landscape, a windowsill, domestic and exotic, painted, scrubbed, scraped, mementos reworked by hand, their essence objectified and re-presented, cut-up and conjoined, it’s all grist to memory’s mill. Luminous excavations of the surface of things.

Black & White Dog, St Ives

Two views of the Church of San Sebastiano from Campo drio il Cimitero.

Venetian Tower

The Ghosts That Were There: San Sebastiano, Venice

Santa Croce

Duomo, Pienza

Cliveden Arches, After Duccio

Boy with Grapes, After Duccio

Chalk Paths: View From Southease

Jonathan’s pictures recall his travels from the arena of his studio table, taking a line for a walk over the South Downs from Charleston to Wales, to Cornwall, to Tuscany and back to his own mantelpiece.

Jonathan Christie / The Rowley Gallery

Please also see our earlier post by Jonathan Christie on the artist George Smart.

Frames of reference

3 thoughts on “Jonathan Christie: Paintings & Drawings”

  1. Each one is Xquisite! Sophisticated simplicity! The lines, oh! The process? BeYOND my imagining. The result? Small sweet cyphers of a landscape-memory, multiplied by SUBTRACTION. Less is so MUCH more. Love each scratch that makes a PLACE.

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