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Molly On The Shore

Molloy On The Shore

I don’t know if Samuel Beckett ever visited Orford, but when we were there – I took advantage of being at the seaside to lay in a store of sucking stones. Click on the play button below for an excerpt … Read more

Staverton Thicks

In July I posted Elizabethan Oaks about the ancient oak trees of Hatfield Park, which prompted comments recommending Staverton Thicks, a dense, primeval woodland with the oldest oaks in East Anglia. I was intrigued. I’d not heard of it before.

As I Roved Out

Into the woods with Sam Amidon to pick his banjo and holler some crazy music. Could this be Epping Forest or is it Vermont? The album was recorded in the Green Lanes of north London. Sam is playing at LSO … Read more

Christopher Corr At Kensington Place

Swimming With The Fishes is one of Christopher Corr’s many new paintings for the Art Wall at Kensington Place. They’re bright and colourful, optimistic and uplifting pictures of a piscine* paradise (*fishy in English, swimming pool in French).

Kuroshio Sea

Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa. This is the main tank, the second largest in the world with 7,500 cubic metres of water. It is called the Kuroshio Sea and is home to whale sharks, manta rays and lots more. The video is … Read more

Nu Tones

NOMO have blended the percussive afrobeat of Fela Kuti with equal parts Sun Ra and Art Ensemble of Chicago… Their use of electrified mbira makes this the cousin of the trance-inducing groove music of Konono №1. Transcendent, elemental sound for … Read more


 A musical interlude from Carolina Chocolate Drops and the Luminescent Orchestrii: Knockin’.

The Man Who Planted Trees

Jean Giono wrote this classic tale in 1953. It tells of a shepherd’s singlehanded reforestation of a desolate valley near Digne-les-Bains in Provence by slowly and devotedly planting acorns. Many who first read it thought it a true story. The … Read more

Three French Abbeys

This is probably one of the most famous lavender fields in all of France. It is cultivated by the monks of the Abbaye de Sénanque and blooms in early summer. By the time we got here it was all over. … Read more

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