The River & The Sea

The river & the sea

Our featured display of the work of Jonathan Gibbs continues at The Rowley Gallery. There is a good selection of his wood engravings, many of which have been used as illustrations and book jacket designs, notably by Faber & Faber and the Folio Society. An often recurring formal theme is the playful combination of ripples and grids, like a game of snakes and ladders.

tree at my window

This emblematic image, Tree At My Window contrasts the rigid geometry of the window frame with the sinuous geometry of tree branches; it suggests a vine on a trellis, even Mondrian’s Pier and Ocean.

Herringbone II

The contained zig zag energy of Herringbone II draws from a familiar vocabulary of frames and meshes, ropes and spirals, vernacular abstract devices often found at the seaside and in the wood.

Two Trees


six fish spiral




As well as wood engravings there are also a few examples of Jonathan’s coloured drawings.

His patterned bookbinding paper, produced by the Judd Street Gallery, features on the backs of our handmade photo frames.



Please also see the earlier post – Jonathan Gibbs @ The Rowley Gallery.

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “The River & The Sea”

  1. I’ve been admiring these gorgeous printed papers for some time now and your post has really made me appreciate them even more! Thanks!

    I was actually looking to use them (and maybe some from Curwen) for some potential jewellery designs, what did you use to adhere them to your frames? I was thinking of some permanent spray adhesive might do the trick. They’ll obviously need to varnished for protection of course, something with a matt finish.

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