Goodnight Moon


Once upon a time three bears came to The Rowley Gallery to find a picture frame. They were from a story called Goodnight Moon. They just wanted to go to sleep but they couldn’t relax until they were safely tucked up inside a snug, warm, sunshine frame.






The bears were desperate for some shut eye. Straightaway we put them into a simple wooden frame.


We tried and tried and tried again to draw a fluffy, friendly frame then we cut it out with a jigsaw.





We painted it with lots of sunshine yellow so the bears would feel safe and warm. But it seems that bears in chairs with hypnotic stares sleep with their eyes wide open! Can you hear them snoring?

Frames of reference
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2 Responses to Goodnight Moon

  1. greg becker says:

    a post about a picture from a book about a moon, framed in sunshine, very nice!

  2. Susie Freeman says:

    This was a favourite with all three of our children – now 16, 27 & 30. Such a deceptively simple but perfect mix of things to look at in the room as we calmed from waking to sleeping worlds. I watched the animation and Zzzzzzzz

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