First Light

First Light

First Light

These new works are borne out of a need to bring light and life into my studio during the dark winter months. They have a direct link with my garden and the majority of the plants and birds in these paintings can be seen from my kitchen window.

Life's Calling

Life’s Calling

When I am painting birds and plants I feel as if I am recording them for the first time, they never cease to amaze me with their honesty and purity.

Dove Light (1)

Dove Light

My garden without birds or the heavy hum of pollinators in the summer would be a sterile place.



In the winter I bring the memories of their light, sound and vigorous new life ready to sprint forth from the vernal equinox.


Lilac Time

This act always nourishes and sustains me, then before long the cycle turns again, feeding me with new inspiration for the following winter.



David Hollington / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

3 thoughts on “First Light”

  1. Thanks David. Glad to see there are no magpies. I just saw a pair of them attack a blackbirds’ nest. But then next time I looked the blackbirds were busy building a new one nearer to my window.

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