Still Life Still Life

A selection of chalk-pencil drawings by Aaron Kasmin displayed in the Rowley Gallery window together with the objects that inspired them – the depictions and the depicted. The objects are not for sale but the pictures are; they’re souvenirs, simulacra, tokens of affection.

I asked Aaron if he draws from life or if he works from photographs:

I always set up the still lifes and never use photography, but I suppose the way I use scale, cropping and close-ups is similar to photographs. The objects – jugs, mugs, bits of cloth, etc, I have collected over many years and the drawings celebrate my pleasure in them.

Circle & Red Checks


Two Lustre Jugs

Transylvanian Bowl



Moroccan Bowls

Reflected Slipware

King Charles Spaniel


A French Heart



Two Sea Urchins

Spain (Moorish Tiles)


I photographed the still lifes with an unfamiliar camera which got switched accidentally to an unfamiliar setting and surprisingly recorded another kind of simulacrum of subject and object.

Aaron Kasmin / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

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