A Jaunt To See Jenner

Yesterday, in need of exercise on a bright Spring day, I walked down to the Italian Gardens at the north side of Kensington Gardens. I made sure that I was socially distancing all the way. Though this was relatively easy. Not many people about.

I went to that part of the gardens to go and see an important person in these difficult and dangerous times. I went to see Jenner.

He was, as you probably remember, the man who discovered how immunisation worked and opened up the possibilities and astonishing benefits of vaccines.

And, yesterday as you can see, he was an exemplar of social distancing.

I had hoped he might provide some advice, or pointers, as to where we are with the coronavirus. Sadly he remained statue like in his silence. But if you look closely he appears to have a rolled up document under his arm. Could this be his considered opinions and advice on what we should do next? His latest work? Maybe a report detailing strategies and actions to bring these infections to an end?

I hope so.

Love, Robert

(This message first appeared as an email on Monday 23 March)

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I continued to read about Jenner and was amazed how only a few individuals and particularly Jenner himself were involved in finding vaccine against Smallpox and establish mass inoculation. Most interesting!

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