For Evelyn Hallewell

I was reminded of this book by Bewick’s Nature Print. It was given to us by Evelyn Hallewell. She discovered The Rowley Gallery late in life and explored it via the website from her home in Scotland. We never met but we did have long telephone conversations and she corresponded with Rowley Gallery artists whose … Continue reading “For Evelyn Hallewell”

The Leaves Of Southwell

I was reading Up The Forest! one of the many contributions to Arboreal, a book I got late last year. It’s a wonderful compendium of woodland writings, a bumper book of tree stories. In this particular story Sue Clifford recalls her Nottingham childhood, Nottingham Forest FC, the coal mines interwoven with houses, fields and woodland, … Continue reading “The Leaves Of Southwell”

Woodland Birds

A lovely King Penguin book from 1955, donated to The Rowley Gallery library by Evelyn Hallewell. The colour plates are by Peter Shepheard and the book was a bargain at 5/-. As well as being a beautiful picture book ‘Woodland Birds’ will lead many out to watch for themselves the inhabitants of our woods and … Continue reading “Woodland Birds”

Chalk Flowers

Another King Penguin from the collection of Evelyn Hallewell. This one’s a beauty but sadly missing a few pages from the middle. The illustrations are by Irene Hawkins but Rampion, Scabious, Rock Rose and Pasque Flower have disappeared. It was published in 1947 and, according to the label in the back, it was purchased from … Continue reading “Chalk Flowers”