Monthly Archives: May 2015

Annabel Keatley At Galería Cartel

My solo show at the Galería Cartel, Granada, which continues until the 11th June, has given me the opportunity to develop my work in the studio and make the transition to working on a large scale again after a gap … Read more

Ditchling Beacon

It was a bright crisp morning in April, the next Sunday after Easter. Aeroplanes were drawing maps all the way from London down to Sussex. It was a constant distraction, I needed to make frequent stops to check the sky. … Read more

Père Castor

As a small boy Père Castor’s Wild Animal Books were a magical introduction to nature, along with Beatrix Potter’s stories. The series of eight books first published in France in the late 1930s were brought out in English just post … Read more

Das Meisterstück

Das Meisterstück (The Masterpiece) is an exhibition of large format photographs of painters’ palettes by Matthias Schaller at the Refectory, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, May 8-June 7. Maybe he saw our earlier blog post, Palettes! … Read more

Double Figures

A small attempt to combine my love of Eduardo Chillida drawings, Magdalene Odundo ceramics and Cycladic figurines in a series of two-part works, culminating in this piece – Figure 8.  

The Depth Of Air

This is intriguing. It’s a trailer for a film about Eduardo Chillida, titled Chillida: The Depth of Air & Chillida: Lo Profundo es el Aire, but I can’t tell if the complete film has been made available. I can’t find … Read more

Chillida In Barcelona

We’d been here before, but last time was such a wonderful surprise we had to come back and show Maura. This is her beautiful photograph of Eduardo Chillida’s Topos V, hidden away in Plaça del Rei in the Gothic Quarter … Read more