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Last summer, travelling through France, I wish I could remember where this was, the first of many half-timbered buildings encountered en route. I love this style of vernacular architecture. They seem so obviously hand-made, constructed from local materials, a natural … Read more

The House That Jack Built

Another book from the wonderful and sorely missed Notting Hill Books. This one was perhaps not so beloved as the last but it was one of my favourites. I always liked its folksy illustrations and the way one thing leads … Read more

A House Of Leaves

Of all the many books I found at Notting Hill Books this one stands out as a special favourite. Our children loved it. But now it’s out of print and hard to find.

Holloway The Movie

A short trailer for the forthcoming Holloway film by Adam Scovell, inspired by the book of the same name by Robert Macfarlane, Stanley Donwood & Dan Richards, in which they go in search of an ancient Dorset holloway – previously … Read more

La Grotte Chauvet

The Chauvet Cave in the Ardèche region of southern France was discovered in 1994. It contains the most perfect examples of Paleolithic paintings ever found. But they are considered so fragile they must remain hidden from view. Copies of the … Read more

Flying To Barcelona

Over the Pyrenees a week before Easter, en route to Barcelona, the spectacular view a heartbreaking reminder of the suicidal plane crash five days earlier. A flight from Barcelona to Düsseldorf had fallen from the sky onto similar mountains near … Read more

Roger Ackling: Between The Lines

Roger Ackling made artworks like small miracles. He turned driftwood into diamonds. He died last year, his obituary is here. I never met him but I knew people who were taught by him and exhibited with him. I saw many … Read more

Safety Net

In 2011 a great opportunity had come my way; a retrospective for Pharmacopoeia with a linked solo exhibition in a lakeside Danish gallery. However, at the time I was in the hold of a depression and struggling to do the … Read more

Boss Taurus

I’m a bit late catching up with this, it’s been around since 2012 so how did I miss it? It’s fantastic life-affirming communal music that puts a smile smack-dab on your face. Mucca Pazza (Italian for Mad Cow) are a … Read more


Waiting on Holme Moss – TV helicopter just above the yellow van. You could hear the crowd roaring as they climbed the valley from Holmfirth. Electric! Momentum (p=mv) Newtonian Mechanics = One thing leads to another.