Monthly Archives: October 2014

Autumn Song

A walk on Hampstead Heath a couple of weeks ago, just as the leaves began to turn, trying to catch the low sun shining through golden leaves, the dappled light that takes your breath away.

Bellagio & Bicycles

Bellagio is smack dab in the middle of Lake Como, at the top of the Triangolo Lariano, the triangle formed by the lake’s two southern branches. Think of Lake Como as an upside-down letter Y and Bellagio is nestled in … Read more

Monte San Primo

I’m still sorting through holiday photos. It could take some time. I found a whole series taken from our balcony overlooking Lake Como and Monte San Primo. It was a different mountain every day.

A Tale Of Two Gardens

Recently I have visited two gardens which are fairly local to me, one is in Elmstead Market near Colchester, about an hour’s drive from me and the other, Warley Place is on my doorstep near Brentwood. The Colchester garden was … Read more

An Illustrator’s Miscellany

Jonny Hannah‘s new book, Greetings From Darktown, has finally arrived, and it’s worth the wait. It’s an adventure book for the eyes, a cornucopia of delights, a cryptic catalogue of signs and wonders, and best of all there’s this feast … Read more

On The Fringe Of The Jungle

YouTube keeps telling me to watch these cats. I surrender. They can walk all over me. Duke Ellington, piano; John Lamb, bass; Rufus Jones, drums. Denmark 1967.

Moon Arc

This large watercolour was painted by Andrew Walton to celebrate 12 walks with David Attwooll on Oxford’s Port Meadow. Their journeys were documented in Ground Work, an exhibition of painting and poetry earlier this year at Art Jericho. Moon Arc … Read more

Contemplating The Depths

Our house swap this summer was to Grasse in the South of France. Grasse’s inland location allowed us to make forays into the mountains as well as get more easily to various beaches along the Côte d’Azur. Our favourite area … Read more

In Lugano

It seemed like a good idea to try Lugano next. It’s a bigger town with more museums than Ascona, there might be a chance we’d stumble upon something by Julius Bissier there.