Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Cup Of Sue

I first met Sue Ashworth in the mid 90s when I moved to Hove and rented space in a communal studio. She and her then partner were doing a commission for a Brighton pub. It turned out the pub owner … Read more

Arrivals & Departures

This is the back wall of the showroom at The Rowley Gallery. I felt I should post this photograph on Frames of Reference to celebrate the arrival of eight new prints from Gail Brodholt because it’s rare for us to … Read more

Seascapes & Seescapes

Two exhibitions, one in Greenwich, another in Margate, both featuring paintings by J.M.W. Turner, both spectacular. The image above is a watercolour from the Tate Collection, Harbour Scene at Sunrise, possibly Margate, so let’s begin in Margate.

Knots & Dabberlocks

Sanderlings in the Shrubby Sea Blite


My big sister Lily Hunter Green is a musician and visual artist based between Brighton and Suffolk. She’s currently working on an art installation project called ‘Bee-Composed’, which involves working with an apiarist and a sculptor to adapt a redundant … Read more

The Uncanny

This is a true story and it happened on Rosslyn Hill in Belsize Park, one evening a few years ago, though the pictures you see are not from there, no. These haunted trees are from the rookeries of the notebook, … Read more

For Paco De Lucía

I heard someone on the radio say that Paco de Lucía was dead. I was shocked. Then someone else said Pablo de Lucía and I breathed a sigh of relief. But when I checked I saw that Paco had indeed … Read more

Signed, Sealed & Framed

This is a letters patent, so called from the Latin verb pateo, to lie open, exposed, accessible. The originator’s seal was attached pendent from the document, so that it did not have to be broken in order for the document … Read more

Rembrandt’s Frame Maker

We recently reframed Rembrandt’s Frame Maker, an engraving by John Dixon published in 1769 by John Weston, after a portrait by Rembrandt of Herman Doomer painted in 1640.

Return To Hampstead Heath

Rembrandt returned to Hampstead Heath last November, back home again to Kenwood House after a holiday whilst the decorators were in. Self Portrait With Two Circles travelled to New York, Houston, Milwaukee, Seattle and Arkansas whilst Kenwood House was closed … Read more