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Maggi Hambling At Kensington Place

We are very proud to announce that The Art Wall at Kensington Place is now showing March Wave Breaking by the distinguished contemporary artist Maggi Hambling. This is one of her celebrated and continuing series of North Sea paintings, last … Read more

Half Way

Half Way – Port Meadow project with David Attwooll. Fog. Snow. Flood. Wind. Rain. We have been through all. It makes outside work difficult if not impossible. Pen clogs with ice. Watercolour freezes and gets spattered with rain.

The Wayfarer

This is a short film by Sarah Thomas. It was made in Iceland, the music improvised in an empty fish oil tank at an abandoned herring factory. It is the winner of the Penguin Books Wayfarer competition. As a result, … Read more

The Fields Of Fyfield

I’m getting behind. Too many posts and not enough time. This one’s long overdue. We walked this way a month ago or more. It was another suggestion from Christopher Somerville. We printed out the map and the directions only to … Read more

The London Group

I was delighted this week to have been elected to The London Group, one of the oldest standing artist led organizations in the world and this year celebrating its 100th anniversary. The present membership is around 90 and new members … Read more

Singing Paint

American-born artist John Hubbard talks about his life and work in rural Dorset over the past five decades. This film, produced for his exhibition Littoral at the Luther W Brady gallery in Washington DC from May 15 – June 28, … Read more

The River & The Sea

Our featured display of the work of Jonathan Gibbs continues at The Rowley Gallery. There is a good selection of his wood engravings, many of which have been used as illustrations and book jacket designs, notably by Faber & Faber … Read more

Jonny’s Jackets

A couple of months ago I drove down to Southampton to collect a car load of paintings and prints from Jonny Hannah. Since I was going one of Jonny’s publishers asked if I might return some of his books. I … Read more

Chillida: From Iron To Light

There’s a great little Chillida exhibition at Ordovas until the end of July. It is the first dedicated exhibition of his sculptures to take place in London for almost twenty years. It features work made in steel and in alabaster … Read more

The Magnet

This painting by David Hollington was for me the highlight of his recent exhibition, Apocalypse Of Love, at Lauderdale House. I suspect it is a self-portrait; he’s not drowning like Ophelia but enjoying a moment of rejuvenating hydrotherapy amongst his … Read more

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